Ancient Forest Murmers

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Onward and Outward

I'm humming sea chanties as we make final preparations for our trip to the Southwest and hopefully all the way to the Atlantic.  Along the way I hope to sample some of the other flavors of ancient forest.  "Merybus", our veteran Westfalia (she's old enough not to get carded!" is ready as she ever will be.  The binoculars are stowed, as are the references.  Hopefully we will not have too much trouble finding connections for our laptop to continue postings.
Soon we should be among the Creosote Bush of the Mojave.  With the intense drought the prospect for spring flowers is poor, but it has rained some lately - I heard an inch yesterday in Tucson - so maybe all will be well.
We leave on the morning tide....
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