Ancient Forest Murmers

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's the Ides of March and so far 2006 is turning into a wet year in the redwoods. We have had less than 10 days without rain since the first of January. Old Growth soaks and filters the rain so that quick rises are a rarity. The water rises slowly, the color tinged slightly green.

Such is not the case on the logged lands. Mill Creek, which runs through the newly purchased Mill Creek State Park. Once the dream of Newton Drewry as the heart of a Redwood National Park, the new lands are heavily clearcut with hundreds of miles of in-sloped roads and numerous slope failures and failing culverts. I hope to become involved in the hands-on work of restoration on these lands. This stream is the last, best, hope for Coho in California.

We leave for a spring trip to the Southwest US through to the Carolina's to visit relatives. I hope to post comments on the ancient forests I encounter along the way.


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