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Friday, December 30, 2005

Water! Flood! Global Warming?

The latest wave of storm has brought yet higher levels in the rivers and flooding in areas that haven’t seen it in years.  The upper tributaries of the Klamath are raging, with the exception of the Trinity with it’s massive “send it to the Westlands” dam.  A quick perusal of the State of California river stage pages ( will show you the difference.  My guess is that ten feet of river are being held behind the dam.  Oh well, better than the old days where they would have kept all of the river flow.  More water always seems to mean more fish later, so these storms are great news for salmon.


 Some are sure to talk about global warming with this warm, intense weather, but those of us who have been around awhile know that this sort of weather was more common in years past.  For now, I'll say it's business as usual, and hope that wet is what we get for a long time to come.  Stay dry!

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